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FIFINE K432 webcam 1080p

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What's Included

  • A FIFINE K432 USB webcam


Starting out a streaming career? Throw a good punch with a USB webcam!      

  • For the money, an external webcam gives you a way bigger bang for the buck. Can you get better quality with DSLR? Yes. Will you be able to get similar quality with great less with some skill? You can be the judge.
  • What’s more spot-on about the use of a webcam is the use tricks. Instead of rubbing your bank with expensive high-end models at the very beginning of streaming, what you actually need is one that can do a proper job and you can use it to sharpen your skill.  
  • Fool-proof setup on Windows, Mac or Linux. Plug the webcam in, then you're good to think about how to get the best streaming possible.  

Is 4K HD a show-stealer? No, full HD can be shiny

  • A smartphone with a fancy algorithm, much faster and more straight-forward data to memory can make every frame of the image look its best. But a webcam, even those with higher quality lenses and processing chips can not work this way.
  • Data from the webcam will be compressed by USB and be processed by computer before it is projected on a screen.
  • Thus, there’s no mile difference between a 4K HD or a 1080P webcam. With proper skill, you can make it a level pegging comparison. Even if you don't want to bother with the config. it's still good to get the job done for web-conferencing.       
  • Now you decide to spend less and go for a 1080P (30fps) full HD? FIFINE webcam gives such an option as standard, as well as auto white balance and auto color correction.

HDR tech is a redeeming feature, but there’s always a cheaper and better solution    

  • The well-known fact is that webcams are pretty bad at low-light. Even with better HDR technology, a fancy webcam could just be marginally better in dim light conditions.
  • The brightness of the image from different webcams is all much of a muchness, it makes more sense to spend the extra on gear to get lighting on point.
  • The key is to light yourself or whoever is in front of the webcam. Or simply turning on all lights in the room will do the trick.
  • People are going to tell the difference whether you’re using a budget webcam from FIFINE or a 4-time more expensive one.

Raise your game on audio experience with mic built-in webcam? It’s just pie in the sky

  • Because of the limitation of capsule size, whether stereo mics or a mono one is not likely to capture your voice more engaged than an external mic can do.
  • If you have known that webcam can only get the job done but not beef up sound quality, why not spend your bucks on a combo of an external mic such K668 plus FIFINE webcam.     



Max Resolution 1080p/30fps
Hight-definition 2 million pixels
Cable Length 5 feet
Package Weight 200g
Power Supply 5V USB power
Output Connection USB 2.0
Manufacturer FIFINE
WARRANTY Individuals 24 months / Companies 12 months
Microphone Yes
Type Wired
Power Supply USB
Connection USB
Length of cable 170 cm
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