Everywhere Messenger Bag - Legend of Zelda Bag
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The Everywhere Messenger Bag stores the complete Nintendo Switch system for easy portability, and features a removable internal case for carrying the Nintendo Switch handheld style. Design, security, and comfort make this bag a must-have for the Nintendo Switch gamer on-the-go. This bag is officially licensed by the Nintendo Switch team, so you can game however you like, wherever you like.

Key Features
  • Stores the complete Nintendo Switch System for easy portability - Bring everything you need to play the Nintendo Switch at a friends house, on vacation, or traveling!
  • 2-in-1 design with removable internal case - Protect and carry the Nintendo Switch for handheld mode as well.
  • Fitted compartments keep all components secure - Velcro walls allow you to reconfigure for additional accessory storage. There are compartments for the Nintendo Switch case, dock, cables, joy-con grip, additional joy-cons and more.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with padding for added comfort.
Color Black
Weight 1,18 kg

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