AULA Colossus gaming headset | 2x 3.5mm
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AULA Colossus gaming headset will make you a giant on the battlefield. The high quality sound means that you will hear your enemy perfectly - all you need is to hunt him down. You'll be able to coordinate assault with ease: the headphones ensure that you'll hear everything your friends say while the sensitive microphone will capture any order you give. And don't worry about fatigue setting in: the Colossus features an auto-adjustable headband that makes it a pleasure to wear. The ear-cushions are no less comfortable. As an added bonus, they feature cool illumination for that stylish look.

WARRANTY Individuals 24 months / Companies 12 months
Color Black
Microphone Yes
Backlight No
Type Wired
Power Supply USB
Connection 2 x gold-plated jack
Number of backlight colours One Color Blue
Frequency range 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity 117 dB
Length of cable 220 cm
Weight 260 g
Pickups Ø40mm
Braided cable No
7.1 Sound support No

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