AULA Mechanical Assault Wired Keyboard US+ru
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AULA Assault mechanical keyboard will bring your gaming experience to a totally next level. You can almost forget about getting a new keyboard, because this one has an extremely long life span, durable metal body and even waterproof and dustproof rubber protective keys. Moreover, you can push as many keys as you want and all of them will do their job, because the keyboard has antighosting feature as every single key has its own separate switch. That’s also beneficial when you want to get a noticeable or even audible feedback while pushing the keys, so you won’t miss the right one in an important battle. Of course, let’s not forget the dynamic lighting effects – you can preset them for your favourite games.
KRGD mechanical switches with noticeable tactile and audible feedback
Laser etched keys
Long lasting laser etched symbols
Individually backlit keys with dynamic lighting effects
Backlight presets
Backlight presets dedicated for particular games including user customisable presets
Durable keys
50 million keystroke life span
Anti-ghosting for all keys
Gaming mode
Disables Windows key
Multimedia keys (accessed via the FN key)
Drainage holes for accidently spilled liquids
Keys protectors
Rubber protective keys covers for waterproof and dustproof protection
Rigid design
Metal body and raised keys
WARRANTY Individuals 24 months / Companies 12 months
Color Black
Keyboard type Mechanical
Number of keys 104
Layout US
Windows key lock Yes
Anti-ghosting Yes
Backlight Yes
Dimensions 164 x 41.5 x 450 mm
Type Wired
Connection USB
Multimedia hotkeys 6
Buttons profile High
Number of backlight colours 6 colors
Length of cable 160 cm
Weight 1000 g
Recommended for Gamers
Water and Dust-Resistant Yes
Braided cable No

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