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MODECOM Volcano Blade is a mechanical keyboard with a low profile switch. The uniqueness of the design provides a comfortable keyboard profile and a design similar to that of a notebook. The pleasure of using the keyboard is enhanced by ergonomics, LED backlight and dedicated software.


Key features

• Ultra Thin Mechanical Keyboard

• 87-Key TKL

• Kailh Slim switches BLUE

• Full Anti-ghosting

• Dedicated software with macro function

• Red LED backlight

• Detachable USB cable


Ultra Thin

• A brilliant LED backlight in a trendy, eye-catching red color.

• Detachable USB cable maximizes user comfort with the keyboard and allows easy transport

• They maximize keyboard stability while playing.

• It is lightweight, comfortable to carry and ergonomic.

• Low profile keys are unique in design. It provides a unique experience in multimedia, Gaming and also allows comfortable writing. This is a perfect combination of notebook design with the best gaming keyboard features.


Compact mechanical keyboard with Kailh switches with a lifetime of 50 million clicks

Players looking for precise and durable switches will find in MODECOM Volcano Blade what they like most: the desirable quality and pleasure of using the mechanical keyboard. The design is similar to that of a laptop – it offers pleasure to write on it, maximizing comfort for hours of work.

The MODECOM Volcano Blade keyboard offers versatility to its users: the mechanical switches are perfect for playing, and the flat keypad design allows for comfortable work also for those who are accustomed to working on a laptop.


Keyboard full of useful solutions

In MODECOM Volcano Blade we have applied many useful solutions which are useful in daily use.

The writable USB cable makes it easy to transfer to a gaming tournament or from home to work.

LED backlight in red color allows you to work in a dark room.

Dedicated software to download by the manufacturer's website allows you to record the macros.

Full anti-ghosting prevents the keys from locking when playing.

The slim design is the comfort of writing and working, and the mechanical switches make it easy to use in even the most difficult games.

Manufacturer Modecom
WARRANTY Individuals 24 months / Companies 12 months
Keyboard type Mechanical
Number of keys 87
Layout US
Windows key lock Yes
Anti-ghosting Yes
Backlight Yes
Type Wired
Dedicated software Yes
Buttons profile Low
Length of cable 150 cm
Recommended for Gamers

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