GENESIS CARBON 500 XXL TANK 800x300x2.5mm mouse pad
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Genesis Carbon 500 is a series of sturdy and durable mouse pads with SPEED type surface.

The perfectly smooth micro-woven cloth of the highest quality gives full control of movements and meets the requirements of even the most demanding gamers.


Genesis CARBON 500 XXL TANK is a first mouse pad of Carbon 500 series with the size of 80x30cm.

The extended dimensions give the user the required space for fluent and unlimited mouse movement but at the same time make the pad perfect for smaller desks as well.

The low profile provides unique sense of comfort for the wrist during even long gaming session.

Its unique artwork will motivate each gamer during any fierce battlefield


The smooth cloth surface of Genesis Carbon 500 XXL TANK provides high precision of motion tracking and makes your mouse gliding over it without any hindrance.

The pad works perfectly with all types of sensors.           


An additional stitching along the edges provides Genesis CARBON 500 XXL TANK remarkable durability and prevents fraying during intensive usage.

Special impregnation makes the liquid remains on the surface of the pad, preventing the absorption of liquid into the interior.

The bottom of Genesis CARBON 500 XXL TANK is covered with a layer of anti-slip rubber, preventing the pad from moving in the least appropriate moments.

WARRANTY Individuals 24 months / Companies 12 months
Dimensions 800x300x2.5mm
Base material Rubberised Anti-slip
Surface material Cloth-textured
Trimmed edge Yes

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