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MODECOM VOLCANO GMX 5 BEAST black wired mouse | 12000 DPI

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MODECOM VOLCANO GMX5 BEAST is a professional optical mouse for hardcore gamers. MODECOM VOLCANO GMX5 BEAST was equipped with advanced optical chipset PMW3360. Components used for GMX5 BEAST enable adjusting such elements as: optical parameters (adjustable wide-range 50 – 12000 DPI), buttons (macro support). The quality of the sensor gives an incredible advantage in FPS games. Design of the mouse allows you to dominate during multimedia entertainment.

MODECOM VOLCANO GMX5 BEAST mouse can be fully configured to suit the user's needs through a weight system (8 weights each weighing 2.5 grams) and dedicated software with macro function.

All of the above features, combined with an ergonomic design with rubber sides that increase the comfort of use, make the GMX5 BEAST model in the hands of every gamer an ideal weapon of virtual entertainment.


Major features

- Sensor PixArt 3360

- 10 programmable buttons

- Driver with macro support

- 180cm-long braided cable

- Omron switches for long life and reliability

- Wide resolution range 50 – 12000 DPI

- Adjustable weight - 8 weights each weighing 2.5 grams

- LED backlight - to be chosen from over 16 M colours

Sensitive sensors and wide range of DPI

MODECOM VOLCANO GMX5 BEAST is equipped with highest-quality sensor which enables operating with up to 12000 DPI. Wide range of DPI means that the gamer can adjust DPI to his preferences and the game itself. What it actually means is that you can control your character with extreme precision.

Long braided cables

Apart from solid construction, MODECOM VOLCANO GMX5 BEAST was equipped with solid and long braided cable. You don't have to worry that your mouse will stop working unexpectedly in an exciting virtual battle.

Programmable buttons and driver with macro support

Thanks to macro support, you can assign most common activities to any button you want and make playing easier. What it actually means is that your character can perform several commands after just one click, e.g. dodge and kick.

Multi-colour LED backlight

The mouse is equipped with LED backlight augmenting the set with unique gaming character. The software enclosed enables choosing backlight colour out of 16,7 million colours from RGB colour chart.

Adjust DPI to your needs

You can assign any button with DPI change function. Mouse has 10 programmable buttons.


Solid and durable construction

Gaming mouse is one of the most intensely exploited gamer computer components. Traditional computer mouse can fail during exciting gaming scrimmages. Therefore, MODECOM VOLCANO GMX5 BEAST was made of the highest-quality materials providing durability for the most intense exploiting.

Choose any colour you want

MODECOM VOLCANO GMX5 BEAST is equipped with LED backlight augmenting gaming set with unique character. The gamer is the one to decide on the colour of backlight. You have lots of colour to choose from. Thanks to the software enclosed, you can choose one of the 16,7 million available colours from RGB colour chart.


Software with intuitive interface

The set includes software with intuitive interface. Thanks to the software enclosed, the user can easily assign functions to buttons, change operating parameters and backlight colour.

Manufacturer Modecom
Backlight Yes, RGB
Dimensions 126.5mm x 81.6mm x 39mm
Type Wired
Power Supply USB
Chipset PMW3360
Sampling frequency Up to 1000 Hz
Acceleration 30 G
Driver with macro support Yes
Resolution 50 - 12000
Number of backlight colours 16,8 M
Programmable buttons 10
Weight without cable: 95 – 115 g / with cable: 135-155 g (weight can be set by 2.5 g)
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