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MODECOM Volcano MC-GMX2 black optical wired mouse RGB | 7200 DPI

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A modern mouse for demanding gamers. This mouse equipped with high-end optical sensor PAW3212 was designed by for professionals by professionals. MODECOM VOLCANO MC-GMX2 BLACK is a product for those who like palm grip. MC-GMX2 BLACK was made with a great deal of precision and attention to detail. It was made of the highest-quality materials and components (including Chipset PAW3212). All for one purpose: to provide the user with extreme sensations.



MODECOM VOLCANO MC-GMX2 BLACK is equipped with highest-quality sensor which enables operating with up to 2400 DPI (up to 7200 DPI with software). Wide range of DPI means that the gamer can adjust DPI to his preferences and the game itself. What it actually means is that you can control your character with extreme precision, adjust DPI to your needs.



Gaming mouse is one of the most intensely exploited gamer computer components. Traditional computer mouse can fail during exciting gaming scrimmages. Therefore, MODECOM VOLCANO MC-GMX2 was made of the highest-quality materials providing durability for the most intense exploiting.

MODECOM VOLCANO MC-GMX2 BLACK was equipped with six programmable buttons which, together with drivers for macro support, enable assigning each button with most commonly performed commands. This function is invaluable and extremely useful, in particular during tournaments for professional gamers.



MODECOM VOLCANO MC-GMX2 is equipped with LED backlight augmenting gaming set with unique character. The gamer is the one to decide on the colour of backlight. You have lots of colours to choose from. Thanks to the software enclosed, you can choose one of the 16 million available colours from RGB colour chart.



- 6 programmable buttons

- driver with macro support

- 180cm-long braided cable

- wide resolution range

- additional feet

- LED backlight

- sensitive chipset

Manufacturer Modecom
Sensoriaus tipas PAW3212
Color Black
Number of keys 6
Backlight Yes, RGB
Dimensions 126 × 67 × 37 mm
Type Wired
Power Supply USB
Connection USB
Sampling frequency Up to 1000 Hz
Acceleration 10 G
Driver with macro support Yes
Resolution 800/1200/1600/2400/7200
Number of backlight colours 16,8 M
Length of cable 180 cm
Weight 150 g
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