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8 Game Card Case Storage Box For Nintendo Switch Console ZELDA style

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Out of stock

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1. Multiple card slots , small size, large capacity
2.Unique design, beautiful, convenient and individual
3.Personalized classic game pattern, many patterns are available
4. Light as wings, compact and convenient, game card storage is no longer messy

Ludmila Boldenko

Не кому не советую покупать данный мусор если не хотите сломать свои картриджи очень плохое качество самого кейса а после того как вложите картридж его почти не возможно вытащить обратно!!!

I do not advise anyone to buy this garbage if you do not want to break your cartridges, the very poor quality of the case itself, and after you put the cartridge in, it is almost impossible to pull it back !!!

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