Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 V2 Controller - Jet Black
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DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller 

The DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller combines revolutionary features with a new intuitive design and precise control to create a whole new generation of gaming. 

Ergonomic Design - Discover the sleek, super-comfortable design and streamlined analog stick and buttons for accurate and precise play. 

SHARE button - Use the SHARE button to share gameplay videos and social game screenshots. Stream live on Twitch, YouTube and Dailymotion or cut recorded scenes and share them on Facebook and Twitter.

Touchpad - With the interactive touchpad you can not only control, but also gesticulate and draw - in the new design, a light bar is intrigued. 

Lightbar - The new Lightbar offers a personalized experience and a new dimension of gaming with the radiance of different colors. It also makes it easy for the PlayStation Camera to capture your position, allowing for better interaction with the virtual world of the PlayStation VR. 

Stereo headset port - Enjoy the extra sound effects and communicate with your friends via headset. 

Vibration Feedback - Thanks to the intuitive vibration motors and the shaking and shaking of the controller, you feel even more involved in the action-packed games.

Remote Play - Stream your games over the Wi-Fi network to your PC or Mac - the days when you were tied to the TV are over! 

Individual setting - your DUALSHOCK® can be set by you as you like it. You can vary the volume, disable the vibration, and adjust the brightness of the light bar to save battery power. You can also choose to interact with your PS4 ™ via Bluetooth® or USB cable.

WARRANTYIndividuals 24 months / Companies 12 months

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