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Tetris Effect VR

Tetris Effect VR

Tetris Effect VR Tetris Effect VR Tetris Effect VR Tetris Effect VR Tetris Effect VR

Get in the zone: Includes the all-new Zone mechanic, where players can stop time (and Tetriminos falling) by entering the Zone and either get out of a sticky situation that could otherwise lead to Game Over, or rack up extra line clears for bonus rewards

Level up: Over 30 different stages, each with its own music, sound effects, graphical style and background that all evolve and change as you play through them

PS4 or PS4 Pro (and optional PSVR) support. Fully playable on either a standard display (up to 4K and 60 fps on PS4 Pro), or optionally in mind-blowing 3D on PSVR

Play your way: Features fan-favorite modes, such as Marathon, Sprint, and Ultra, with more all-new modes and other features to be revealed before launch

Timeless and endless: The player grading and leveling system as well as variable difficulty encourage and reward replayability

PlayStation VR optional

Please review and follow all safety guidelines for use of PlayStation VR. PlayStation VR is not for use by children under the age of 12

PlayStation 4 system, PlayStation VR and PlayStation camera are required to experience VR functionality

Visai kitaip, naujai, vertinamas šis klasikinis žaidimas su VR pagalba. Muzika, efektai fantastiški, nerealiai teigiami įspūdžiai!

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Console 12
Genre Casual
Region Europa
Game Languages English
PEGI rating 3 years old and above
Singleplayer Yes
Multiplayer No
Local Multi-Player Nėra
Co-Op No
Local Co-Op (Splitscreen) No
Format Physical copy (Compact disc)
IMPORTANT: The game pack may be in Polish / Spanish / German or other languages, but the game will always be in English.