Arozzi VERONA V2 – Juoda
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Ergonomic Design

The Verona Pro V2 is developed with Arozzi’s signature ergonomic design making it easier on your back and posture for longer periods of use. It is equipped with 2 soft adjustable pillows: a lumbar pillow to support your back & a headrest pillow to support your neck and head.


Steep Recline

Working hard and need a rest? Recline the backrest at 4° lockable increments that goes up to 165°. Find the right angle for you that compliments your body and posture.


Adjustable Armrests

The Armrests are 1-dimensional adjustable moving up and down with an easy push of a button. The tops are padded giving your forearms and elbows support and comfort while you are working or playing hard during long periods.


Rocking Function

The chair can be locked in a fixed upright position or can be unlocked to freely tilt back and forth in a rocking motion up to 12°. Use the adjustment wheel to set the desired resistance.


Pleather Material

The soft pleather is built to last and is easy to clean. The metal frame is padded with a snug foam that has a density of 45 kg/m³ for the seat and 25 kg/m³ for the backrest.

GARANTIJAFiziniams 24mėn / Juridinams 12mėn
Kėdės spalvaJuoda/Oranžinė
AtlošasReguliuojamas 90° - 165°
Ratukai60mm tylūs nebraižantys dangos
Galvos pagalvėlėPridėta
Juosmens pagalvėlėPridėta
Rekomenduojamas svoris105 Kg
Ratukai su stabdžiaisNe

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