MODECOM VOLCANO 800x345x3mm pelės kilimėlis
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15,00 €
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MODECOM VOLCANO keyboard and mouse pad was designed for those who require ultimate comfort. The pad was made of fabrics maximizing comfort in use and providing extraordinary features to exploit all parameters of the mouse. The pad has a nice feel and makes it easier to use the computer. The pad fits a typical gaming desk perfectly and pleases the eyes of the most requiring gamers. MODECOM VOLCANO keyboard and mouse pad is not only to increase comfort in use, but also augment the desk of a gamer.


- durable but soft fabric with smooth surface

- red edging

- 800 x 345 mm

- smooth fabric providing high precision

- anti-slip bottom side

- easy cleaning

GARANTIJA Fiziniams 24mėn / Juridinams 12mėn
Išmatavimai 800 x 345 mm
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Paviršiaus medžiaga Neslystanti
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