MODECOM VOLCANO EREBUS BLACK pelės kilimėlis 900x420x3mm
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MODECOM VOLCANO EREBUS BLACK is a gigantic pad that will hold all your weapons on its surface. It will also provide adequate stability and the basis for further combat. This pad, thanks to the right material, will maintain its position even during fierce clashes. Its construction is based on rubber material with increased adhesion.

The pad is aesthetically finished with red trim, which, besides aesthetic function, also provides increased durability.

Major features

- durable fabric but soft and with a nice feel
- edging providing an excellent condition for a long time with red colours
- large dimensions 900 x 420 x 3 mm
- soft fabric providing perfect mouse accuracy
- the bottom side of the pad provides a high level of adhesion
- easy to clean, splash-proof

GARANTIJA Fiziniams 24mėn / Juridinams 12mėn
Spalva Juoda
Išmatavimai 900x420x3mm
Bazinė medžiaga Neslystanti guma
Paviršiaus medžiaga Minkšta
Rekomenduojama Žaidėjams
Apsiūti kraštai Taip
Storis 3.0 mm

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