MODECOM Volcano RIFT V2 350x240x5mm pelės kilimėlis | RGB
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Mouse pad MODECOM VOLCANO RIFT V2 was designed for gamers who like to surround themselves with accessories of unique design. All of it thanks to LED backlight drawing attention. The pad not only does provide absolute comfort, perfect precision and velocity, but also delights the eye with its design. It ceases to be just some necessity. It's what you desire to augment your home pentagon with. It's perfectly soft, velocious and precise. Thanks to this small accessory you may enjoy your gear and notice even the slightest difference between settings. If you want to upgrade your command centre technically and aesthetically, MODECOM VOLCANO RIFT V2 is a perfect choice.



- On / Off button

- Switch button for illumination change

- MicroUSB charged

- PVC material providing perfect mouse accuracy

- LED backlight in 7 rotating colours

- The bottom side of the pad provides high level of adhesion

- Easy to clean

GARANTIJA Fiziniams 24mėn / Juridinams 12mėn
Galinis apšvietimas 7 spalvos
Išmatavimai 350 x 240 x 5 mm
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