GENESIS THOR 200 RGB mecha-membraninė klaviatūra (US)
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Many gamers cannot decide whether a mechanical or a membrane keyboard is a better solution for them. Thanks to its hybrid technology, Thor 200 RGB solves this dilemma, maintaining the best features of both types of keyboards for players. A silent click with a very good and fast response, durability and a lot of solutions to facilitate the gameplay, all this sprinkled with a spectacular backlight with an RGB effect and multiple options to choose from, make Thor 200 a dangerous weapon in the hands of any gamer.



The keyboard has been equipped with hybrid switches, a mechanism combining the features of mechanical keys with the advantages of those known from membrane keyboards. The player gains fast response time to clicks (approx. 8 milliseconds) at a pressure of 60g, just like in a mechanical keyboard, and can enjoy much less noisy operation of switches at the same time. In addition, the applied membrane increases the durability of the keys (20 million clicks) and allows easier cleaning of the device.



Thanks to the use of a whole range of solutions dedicated to gamers, Thor 200 RGB makes the game much easier and more controllable. The most important ones include antighosting for 19 keys, blocking the Windows key and the function of swapping WASD keys with “arrows”. Players can also count on 12 function keys from F1 to F12 facilitating e.g. multimedia control. No more ghosting, lags and random exits to the desktop. The gameplay becomes smooth and pleasant.



In addition to features facilitating gameplay, Thor 200 has a lot to offer in terms of backlighting. Apart from the 6-zone RGB effect, the keyboard enables the gamer to select one of 8 individual colours (FN + 5) and 9 effects (through the combination of FN + keys from 1 to 9). Moreover, it is possible to set 3 brightness levels for each effect. The backlight can also be completely turned off with a special button.



A HUB with two USB 2.0 ports and audio inputs for the microphone and headphones is built in the rear part of the keyboard housing. This additional function offered by Thor 200 RGB allows to connect the mouse and headphones directly to the keyboard and can greatly facilitate the organisation of any gaming station. The gamer gains additional space not only for the peripherals, but for connecting other devices such as a smartphone or powerbank, e.g. in order to charge them.



The clicking response effect and the so-called tracking of our movements by backlighting is not the only curiosity offered by Thor 200. Thanks to an equaliser built into the keyboard, the luminous response to the sound (FN+9) from the environment will surely interest many enthusiasts of interesting solutions.



The housing of Thor 200 is made of durable components ensuring stability of the structure and guaranteeing a long service life. In addition, the Double Injection technology makes the prints on the keys of Thor 200 extremely difficult to wipe off. In addition, solutions such as rubberised non-slip feet improve the gaming comfort.

GARANTIJA Fiziniams 24mėn / Juridinams 12mėn
Spalva Juoda
Klaviatūros tipas Mecha-membraninė
Klavišų kiekis 104
Išdėstymas US
Windows key lock Taip
Anti-ghosting Taip yra
Galinis apšvietimas Taip. RGB
Išmatavimai 448 x 155 x 42 mm
Tipas Laidinė
Jungtis USB ir 3.5mm
Multimedijos klavišai 12
Klavišų profilis Aukštas
Atspalvių skaičius 16,8 M
Laido ilgis 160 cm
Rekomenduojama Žaidėjams
Klavišų gyvavimo ciklas 20 M keystrokes
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