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Retro Batman ICON lempa 10cm

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Bring the Caped Crusader into your home and brighten up your room with this fantastic DC Comics Retro Batman Light. Ensure you’re guarded by everyone’s favourite superhero and add a fun piece of memorabilia to your home! The DC Comics Retro Batman Light features a great retro Batman cartoon design that’s sure to please not only lovers of the original DC Comics series, but also all other additions to the franchise. Standing at 10cm (4”) tall, and battery powered, this 3D light makes a great gift for Batman fans and is perfect for Christmas and birthdays. First launched as Detective Comics in 1939, DC Comics is hugely popular with comic book fans around the world, and is one of the oldest and best regarded publishers in the genre. Over the years, DC Comics has been responsible for creating many of the best loved characters in pop culture history, including Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman among others, as well as popular crime fighting teams such as The Justice League and Suicide Squad. This DC Comics Retro Batman Light is an officially licensed DC Comics product.

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