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Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Sea of Thieves Sea of Thieves Sea of Thieves Sea of Thieves Sea of Thieves Sea of Thieves


Sea of Thieves offers the essential pirate experience, from sailing and fighting to exploring and looting—everything you need to live the pirate life and create all-new legends.

Hoist sails and fly your flag high as you fight, hunt treasure, and create an epic legend in this rollicking shared-world adventure game. Traverse a fantastical world of unspoiled islands, mythical monsters, and mouth-watering loot however you choose—either alone or with your crew—and test your mettle in epic sea battles against other pirates.

An open canvas

With no set roles for any player in the game, you've got complete freedom to approach the world and others however you choose.

Friends or foes?

Whether adventuring as a group or sailing solo, you're bound to encounter other crews. But will they be friendly or hostile, and how will you respond?

A world of exploration

Sail a vast, open ocean and hunt for treasure by following maps and untangling riddles as you explore new regions full of secrets and sunken ships.

Never sail alone

Whether playing with friends, matchmaking to find a crew, or setting out as a lone wolf pirate, hilarious and memorable encounters await at every turn.


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30,00 €
be PVM: 24,79 €
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Konsolė 17
Žanras Veiksmo
Regionas Europa (Pal/2 regionas)
Kalbos žaidime Anglų
PEGI reitingas rekomenduojama nuo 16 metų
Išleidimo data 2018
Singleplayer Nėra
Multiplayer Yra
Co-Op Yra
Local Co-Op (Splitscreen) Nėra
Formatas Fizinė kopija (žaidimo diskas)
SVARBU: Žaidimo pakuotė gali būti lenkų/ispanų/vokiečių arba kitomis kalbomis, tačiau žaidime visada bus anglų kalba.