Nintendo Switch permatomas apsauginis dėklas
Saugus atsiskaitymas
10,00 €
be PVM: 8,26 €


  • Provides a rounded controller feel for a more comfortable and ergonomic grip when using the Joy-Cons
  • Provides maximum protection while allowing easy access to all ports, buttons, and features of your Nintendo Switch
  • Ultra Slim, Light, Durable, Anti-Shock & Falling & Touch Test and Crystal Clear Transparency
  • Easy to use: Flexible material allows you to easily install and remove the skin case in an instant. Easily wash the skin case to constantly keep it looking new and fresh!

Paprastai užsideda ir paprastai nusiima. Tik atkreipkit dėmesį, kad su galine apsauga switchas netelpa į dock'ą

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