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NINTENDO SWITCH Stovo laikiklis (Replacement part)

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Product Feature

--For your convenience,replace your broken or loose bracket.restore the convenience of your usual use.

--The brackets designed according to the model can prevent the sliding of your game machine and the bumping of the base.

--The toughness of the bracket can prevent shock and fall,and it can be placed on the horizontal surface arbitrarily.

--Even after repeated use,our brackets remain unrelenting,and the support frame is protected and coated to better protect your game console.

--In addition, the spring attached to the bracket can further play a fixed role.when the weight is pressed on the spring support frame, it can be adjusted by the left and right spring forces to achieve the straightening effect.

--The installation of the bracket needs to be disassembled and requires certain skills.if you don't understand it,you can easily find resources on the internet.

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