GENESIS KRYPTON 500 laidinė pelė | 7200 DPI
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Precision, speed and functionality combined with elegance and a certain measure of simplicity are the distinguishing properties of the Krypton 500 mouse. Every professional gamer will surely appreciate its qualities, such as: the highest class PMW3325 sensor, 7200 DPI with 7-level on the fly adjustment, built-in memory, rubberized surface and RGB highlighting.



The foundation of the Krypton 500’s quality is its use of the highest class optical sensor from the PixArt stable, which is the model PWM3255. Now every gamer has the capabilities and precision until recently available only to professionals. The maximum resolution of 7200 DPI guarantees that every gamer will find their optimal level needed for achieve victory.

A high DPI resolution value is not all. The Krypton 500 has the possibility of on the fly DPI adjustment, without breaking up gameplay, with a choice of 7 different levels, which every gamer may set for themselves using dedicated software. Additionally, any chosen RGB highlight color can be chosen for every selected DPI level.



The main buttons in the Krypton 500 feature a very sturdy construction by Omron. Their durability is estimated at 10 million clicks. As a result, the gamer is assured that the Krypton 500 mouse will become their long-term ally on the road to e-Sports success.

The mouse incorporates RGB technology highlighting. Now every user will be able to choose any of the 16 million colors and assign highlighting to the specific DPI level. Additionally, the given color may be set to a “breathing” or neon more.



The Krypton 500 features built-in memory and advanced software which not only allows to set the DPI levels or highlight colors and modes, but also edit macros and profiles. Additionally, the software allows to change the reporting rate between 125 and 1000 Hz.



Comfort and freedom of gaming is one of the determining factors of professional gaming mice. The Krypton 500 weighs only 98 grams, therefore the gamer has more control over their device. Additionally, the ergonomic shape and rubberized surface ensure proper grip and comfort during long and exciting game sessions.

GARANTIJA Fiziniams 24mėn / Juridinams 12mėn
Sensoriaus tipas PMW 3325
DPI 7200
Klavišų kiekis 6
Išmatavimai 130 x 67 x 39 mm
Tipas Laidinė
Speciali programinė įranga Taip
Jungtis USB
Sampling frequency Iki 1000 Hz
Acceleration 20 G
Laido ilgis 200 cm
Programuojami klavišai Taip
Svoris 98 g
IPS 100
Medžiaginis laidas Taip

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