FURY THUNDERSTREAK rinkinys V2 (Klaviatūra + Pelė + Ausinės + Kilimėlis) US
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Appropriate preparation is crucial when we plan to enter an important game. It is much easier to overcome when each piece of the puzzle plays its role and helps precisely when it is most necessary. Therefore, a well-chosen set of peripheries is an important element in addition to skills and strategy. Thinking about players who want to approach the game properly prepared, we have created a 4 in 1 Fury Thunderstreak 2.0 set consisting of mouse, pad, keyboard and headphones.

In the Thunderstreak 2.0 set, the player receives a functional and durable membrane keyboard, with the function of multi-colored backlight, 12 function keys, anti-ghosting for most keys and an elongated lower part of the structure constituting a wrist support. In addition, the keypad has special drainage holes in the event of flooding. The player is confident that the game will remain under his control, even when it gets really hot.

Another element of the Thunderstreak 2.0 set are headphones with stereo sound quality. Thanks to parameters such as: Dynamics of speakers at the level of 108 dB, frequency response of 20-20000 Hz or impedance of 32 Ohm, the player gets the right level of sound and a very sensitive microphone on a rotating boom makes communication with the allies just enjoyable. Fury headphones also guarantee optimal gameplay comfort thanks to the soft and large pads of the ear muffs, which have been covered with eco leather and the ability to adjust the position of the microphone.

The Thunderstreak mouse is a rodent that has been equipped with a precision optical sensor with a maximum resolution of up to 1600 DPI. In addition, thanks to a special DPI Switch button, placed on the top of the mouse, we have the ability to change the DPI level on the fly in three variants. The whole is complemented by LED backlight, which gives it the right character.

Even the most classy mouse needs a solid pad for proper operation. Pads in hand with a good mouse can significantly improve our efficiency and speed on the virtual battlefield.
The Thunderstreak 2.0 washer is made of high quality material that reduces friction of the mouse surface and guarantees high precision tracking of mouse movements. The surface layer type speed makes our moves will be fast and precise, and the rubber layer from the bottom will give us confidence that the pad will not move in the least expected moment.
The pads work with any type of sensor.

Klavišų kiekis 104
Anti-ghosting YES
Galinis apšvietimas YES [MULTICOLORED]
Multimedijos klavišai YES [12]
Laido ilgis 180CM

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Labai norėčiau paklausti ar pas jūs bus dar tokių rinkinių?

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