FURY THUNDERJET rinkinys (Klaviatūra + Pelė + Ausinės + Kilimėlis) US
Pristatymas per 1-2 d.d.
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30,00 €
be PVM: 24,79 €

Ready for Battle? Do it with Fury!

A warrior-gamer is one who is able to handle every situation, cooperates well with his allies, maintains his cool even under heavy fire and is able to steer his anger only towards the opponent.



A well-chosen set of peripheries gives you an advantage at the start of every important game.

Victory is achieved through proper preparation, tactics, skills and a little luck. In virtual gameplay there is a bonus that can give us the right equipment.

The 4-in-1 Fury Thunderjet set is just like its namesake F-84 aircraft - a solid and universal solution that will certainly make the game easier for a single gamer. It is also an ideal proposition for a good start, for someone who is just getting to know the exciting world of games.



The first element of Thunderjet is a durable and very functional membrane keyboard with multi-colored LED backlight.

The keyboard, in addition to a strong metal housing, offers 12 function keys, anti-ghosting technologies for most key combinations (up to 19 simultaneously) and effective backlight with an RGB effect.

Special drainage holes guarantee longer durability and protection of keys during accidental flooding.



In the Thunderjet set, players can count on a solid rodent who can handle not one sniper challenge.

Precise optical sensor with a maximum resolution of 2400 DPI and the ability to change in flight, thanks to a special DPI Switch on 4 levels have been supplemented with a rubberized finish. All this makes the Thunderjet mouse a sure weapon in the hands of a seasoned gamer.

In addition, the ergonomic shape and backlight function in 4 colors (depending on the DPI level) give the mouse the effectiveness of decent equipment for players.



An important element of a good gaming set, especially in team games, is a good headset.

Thunderjet offers sound in stereo quality and durable and comfortable headphone design. Convenience for the ears is an important factor in the long hours of competitions, which is why headphones Fury have been equipped with large and soft headphones pads that insulate the sounds of the surroundings well.

Thanks to parameters such as: Dynamics of speakers at the level of 108 dB, frequency response of 20-20000 Hz or impedance of 32 Ohm, the player gets the right level of sound and a very sensitive microphone on a rotating boom makes communication with the allies just enjoyable.



Even the most class mouse, for a proper operation needs a solid pad.

The Thunderjet pad is made of high quality material that reduces friction of the mouse surface and guarantees high precision tracking of mouse movements.

The "speed" surface layer means that our movements will be fast and precise, and the rubber layer on the bottom will give us confidence that the pad will not move in the least expected moment. The pads work with any type of sensor.

Klavišų kiekis 104
Anti-ghosting YES
Galinis apšvietimas YES [MULTICOLORED]
Multimedijos klavišai YES [12]
Laido ilgis 180CM
Weight 880G [BEZ KABLA]

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