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Experience the amazing audio of Sony’s Official PS4 Gold Wireless Headset.

An update on previous official headsets, it delivers enhanced comfort and performance while still maintaining outstanding sound quality.

Subtle redesigns mean it’s comfortable to wear for longer, while the high-fidelity 7.1 virtual surround sound really makes you feel like you’re inside the game. With everything from big booms to whisper-quiet warnings coming through crystal clear, a pair of augmented noise-cancelling hidden microphones also ensure your friends hear every word you say online.

A Companion App, downloadable to your PS4, gives access to audio modes specifically tuned by developers for the game you’re playing, giving you an experience like never before.

This headset has also been designed with PlayStation VR in mind, fitting in seamlessly with your existing set up to create a whole new level of audio and visual immersion.

Easily connected to your PS4 via the included wireless adaptor, it also includes a 3.5 mm audio cable to connect to your PSVR or mobile device.

GARANTIJAFiziniams 24mėn / Juridinams 12mėn
JungtisUSB ir 3.5mm

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