Plastikiniai Joy-Con fiksatoriai skirti Nintendo Switch
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How to install the Plastic Lock Buckles?

1.Use the Y screwdriver to open 4 screws on the joy con.
2.Use the X screwdriver to open the screw inside the joy con.
3.Take down the small iron with the tweezers.
4.Then take the original lock buckle out carefully.
5.Then put the spring into the metal lock buckle.
6.Put the metal lock buckle into the joy con by tweezers and press the spring into the slot.
7.Finally,put back the small iron and the screw.Close the joy con case back.


1.The left and right lock buckle are different.Be careful not to reverse them.
2.When you remove the original buckle,there is a little iron.You can use the tweezers to pry it.
3.Be careful about the spring when you remove the original buckle.
4.Be careful about the orange flat wire between the top and bottom of Joy Con case.So you need to open the Joy Con case carefully.
5.Only for Nintendo Switch original Joy-Con Shell.

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