A Plague Tale: Innocence
Fizinė prekė (CD)
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35,00 €
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Within the quiet hamlets and serene villages of the great kingdom of france, the ground begins to quake.

Armies at the gates. disease within the walls. plague everywhere.

In ancient chronicles and lengthy scripture, the wise men look for answers.

There are none. whatever drives this plague, it is not for us to answer.

This swarm, this unnatural amalgamation of biting teeth, glowing eyes, and twisting tails, it knows no mercy, no glory, only a devouring hunger.

In its midst stand Hugo and Amicia. Orphaned. Lost. Alone, but together. They must fight to survive

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Konsolė 12
Žanras Nuotykių
Regionas Europa (Pal/2 regionas)
Kalbos žaidime Anglų
PEGI reitingas rekomenduojama nuo 18 metų
Išleidimo data 2019
Singleplayer Yra
Multiplayer Nėra
Co-Op Nėra
Local Co-Op (Splitscreen) Nėra
Formatas Fizinė kopija (žaidimo diskas)
CUSA kodas 10812