Madden NFL 25

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Madden NFL 25

Madden NFL 25 Madden NFL 25 Madden NFL 25 Madden NFL 25 Madden NFL 25 Madden NFL 25 Madden NFL 25 Madden NFL 25 Madden NFL 25 Madden NFL 25 Madden NFL 25 Madden NFL 25 Madden NFL 25

Hit like you mean it with FieldSENSE™ powered by BOOM Tech. Experience how the new physics-informed dynamic tackling system unlocks realistic collisions & new gameplay animations on both sides of the ball. With a reengineered Hit Stick, perfect hit indicator, a new Ball Carrier Balance System, and physics-driven dives, trucks and stiff arms, timing has never been more important as each interaction reflects true-to-life motion and physical outcomes.

Recharged Franchise mode provides a rebuilt NFL Draft experience featuring Roger Goodell, team and rookie records, new environments, personalized storylines, more ways to customize your NFL team and season, a fresh Super Bowl celebration experience, and Franchise Central with simplified league creation tools and more information at your fingertips so you can drive your Franchise to victory.

New rewards, feature releases, themed programs, and the ability to customize your style and skills in Superstar bring refreshed experiences across Ultimate Team™ and live game modes.

Evolve your strategy with a brand new set of featured plays, from some of the game’s most inventive team playbooks.

Create your own NFL franchise using Team Builder, a web-based customization tool that allows you to design a team that perfectly matches your style.

Team Builder content can be used in Franchise mode. Internet connection & EA account required. Applicable platform account may be required. Age restrictions may apply.

This game includes optional in-game purchases of virtual currency that can be used to acquire virtual in-game items, including a random selection of virtual in-game items.

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65,00 €
be PVM: 53,72 €
Konsolė 317
Žanras Sporto
Regionas Europa
Kalbos žaidime Anglų
PEGI reitingas rekomenduojama nuo 3 metų
Išleidimo data 2024-08-16
Formatas Fizinė kopija (žaidimo diskas)
SVARBU: Žaidimo pakuotė gali būti lenkų/ispanų/vokiečių arba kitomis kalbomis, tačiau žaidime visada bus anglų kalba.