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Keychron K2 PBT Retro Mac (XDA profile) Keycap set

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Retro Mac, Dye-Sub PBT.

Inspired by the best keyboard Apple ever made.
This Keychron K2 XDA Profile Keycap Set is crafted to honor the retro aesthetics and stands out from the crowd in a unique way.
Never go out of style with a timeless colorway and classic italic legends.

Never Fade Out

Engineered with dye-sublimated legends set to last for decades like the legendary Apple Extended Keyboard. Not to mention the subtle feeling that you can’t find elsewhere, but on PBT keycaps.

XDA Profile, Good sign for any set.

Since the PBT retro keycap set has already been created in the OEM profile, the XDA profile by dye-sub PBT was the next step. The set is sculpted in XDA profile, with uniform height for maximum layout compatibility. These keycaps offer a solid build and wildly satisfying feel to last for years to come.

Modern Aesthetic  Authentic Vibe

Produced in the ergonomic XDA profile, composed of PBT plastic, and featuring ultra-durable dye-sub legends. Every cap will help convert your ordinary mechanical keyboard into a thing of beauty and is stylish enough to keep at your work desk.


Material: PBT
Legend: Dye-sublimated, the backlight does not shine through
Stem: MX style
Profile: XDA

Manufacturer Keychron
WARRANTY Individuals 24 months / Companies 12 months
Color White/Grey/Red

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