Magic: The Gathering

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In the list of digital collectible and tabletop card games, one name stands out and that is “Magic: The Gathering”. Richard Garfield is a famous game developer and designer from the United States, who has developed this wonderful card game for users. It is one of the best card games for the last 2 decades since it was released back in 1993. Anyone, who loves to play card games, must have played this game, and if not, then it is a must-try in so many ways. If you have never played this card game, then a further guide is for you to give an initial idea of this game.

How to play Magic: The Gathering?

In this arena of card games, you must know everything about how to play this game so that you can enjoy and win. You will have to perform multiple actions when you will be playing this particular game. For instance, you will tap and untap cards sideways to show what it has, and also knowing the fact that the card has been used. This tapping or untapping of a card is done when you are attacking the enemy with your creature, or when you are using land to make your mana. If you don’t want your cards to be permanently tapped, then always remember to untap them so that you can use them again.

The next important action is casting spells. Whenever you would want to cast a spell, then you will be required to pay its mana cast, and this is done by tapping lands in your possession. Like, if you are going to cast Angel Serra, then you will be asked to pay 3 basic lands from your possession, along with paying two plains. When you will complete it, you will be able to cast your spell. The best thing to adopt in this game is making attacks as many as you can. So, go with your selected creature and attack the opponent with great intensity. Also, remember to block the attacks launched by the opponent to stay safe.

What are the best cards and decks?

The next important thing on your mind is to know which are the best cards and the best deck. The list of cards and deck is a lengthy one as so many of them have been released. However, you can look to use some of the best cards such as Brainstorm (Fifth Edition), Deathrite Shaman (Return to Ravnica), Lightning Bolt (Alpha), Sol Ring (Alpha), Balance (Alpha), and Dig Through Time (Khans of Tarkir), etc. As far as the deck is concerned, you can use decks such as Jeskai Control, Boros Aggro, Mono-Green Aggro, Grixis Vampires, etc.