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For gamers, this is one of the most interesting mice products. Gaming without recharging batteries is one of the biggest advantages that one can have, but in this, the mouse cable can be a distraction. The dragging of cable can be disturbing and can interrupt your immersive gaming experience. The Mouse bungee is the epic solution to this problem. With Mouse bungee, there is no need for dragging of cable, and that annoying feeling of cable or wire on the desk table. If you ask any gamer about the most annoying part of gaming, the person would reply about the mouse cord. The cable of the mouse can be annoying, and there comes the use of mouse bungee as one of the most important accessories. The name of the mouse can be weird, and the shape of the mouse can be weird but it performs an amazing job. The basic purpose of this mouse is to lift the gaming mouse cable into the air that too usually with springs for tension. It prevents it from dragging on the mouse pad, and it also prevents dragging other things on the table or desk.

Bungee for mouse - how to choose?

Some of the things that you should consider while buying a bungee mouse are the following:

  • Always look at the base. This is one of the features you should be looking at. A bungee that features a broader size is stable, and it allows you to move your mouse freely.

  • The other thing is size. The size decides how freely you can use your mouse. If you do not have sufficient space then do not go for an oversized mouse.

  • The other thing is how compatible it is. It must be compatible with fitting all your cables.

Best Budget Bungee Mouse of 2022

Some of the Best Budget Bungee Mouse of 2022 are:

  • Cougar Bunker CGR-XXNB-MB1

  • Cougar Bunker RGB

  • BenQ Zowie CAMADE II

How does a mouse bungee work?

It is a mouse cord in which all your mouse wires and other wires can be fitted easily, and there will be no rush of wires on the desk.