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Keychron are the keyboards that can be customized and they come up with keycaps. The best feature of this keyboard is that it can be customized. Keychron Keyboards make different types of mechanical keyboards. There is a difference between Keychron keyboards according to the model of the keyboard. The models Keychron are available in different sizes, and they can be customized too in different options including switch options, connectivity, backlighting, and frames. The customizing option allows you to type according to your speed and you can have exactly the same sound as you want. Keychron keyboards come with physical switches on the keyboard so that you can change between the Windows and Mac/iOS models. If you are using the proper mode, all buttons will work on both Windows and Mac.

Are Keychron keyboards good for gaming?

Keychron Keyboards are designed for production use. The latency of Keychron keyboards is not as low as other gaming keyboards. However, it is low enough for casual gaming and typing. The latency is high for responsive gaming means they are best for gaming to feel responsive.

Keychron keyboards review

If you are looking for a good keyboard, then Keychron Q6, which is from the Q series, is the best option. It comes with high-quality aluminum case, a gasket mountain design, along with durable PBT keycaps. Its typing speed is mind-blowing, and it is perfect for gamers who want an immersive experience. 

Best Keychron keyboard 2022

The best Keychron keyboard 2022 is from the Q series, the Q6 is at the top of the list. The typing speed of this keyboard is excellent. The most amazing feature of this keyboard is the range of customization. You can change or replace any component of this keyboard which is why it is the best keyboard.