Dark Project Keyboards

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Dark Project Keyboard is a compact, and ergonomic gaming keyboard with ENG symbols, and it is also equipped with the latest generation of optical switches. Talking about the format of the keyboard, it is a dark project keyboard in classic design with 87 keycaps. The dark project keyboard is also known as the TKL keyboard. There are many mechanical keyboards with large layouts and there are chances that you have heard about TKL or dark keyboards. Dark keyboards have become so popular over the past few years as more people have started to work from home and people don’t have many workspaces. The compact size of the dark keyboard makes it the best choice because with this you do not have to sacrifice the traditional layout.

Dark project keyboards - which to choose?

In comparison with other keyboards, dark project keyboards are available at a cheap price and are affordable. Dark project keyboards have many models and you can find them as per your preference. Dark project keyboards are considered the best for gaming because of their compact size and typing speed. They depict colorful and vivid RGB illumination with a wide range of settings. There is a separate diode that helps in providing a direct beam of light. The keycaps are covered with an oil coating.

Benefits of Dark Project Keyboards

One of the best features of this keyboard is that it has RGB lighting which gives an aesthetic look to the whole gaming setup. The keyboards are smaller and more portable than a full-sized keyboard, and the numeric pads have been removed. Because they typically include 80 to 87 keys or around 80% of the keys on a standard keyboard, Dark project keyboards are sometimes known as 80% keyboards. These keyboards are the best since they are portable and can be used in smaller spaces.