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The Xbox controller is the basic game controller for the Microsoft Xbox home video game. The Xbox controller was introduced back in 2000 at the Game Developers Conference. Xbox controllers are also commercialized so that they can be used on Windows-based PC. Xbox controller is also compatible with other operating systems as well including MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. The Xbox controllers have maintained their original layout, but there are some variations in its design that include the updated shape, redesigned analog sticks, shoulder buttons, and triggers which allow for directional haptic feedback. The Xbox series S has updated the version of the Xbox controller.

Do Xbox controllers work on PC?

This is one of the questions that come to mind, and yes Xbox controllers work on PC. Xbox controller is extremely compatible with Windows 10 or 11 PC as a wired controller. You just need to plug the controller into the USB port and you are good to play. With an Xbox controller on a PC, you would not have to play with the keyboard. There is Xbox wireless AC adapter for Windows or Bluetooth. Xbox controllers are Bluetooth controllers as well.  Xbox controllers work best for PC. Windows 10 and 11 can automatically detect the controller and you can easily start playing.

How to connect Xbox controllers to Xbox?

Connecting Xbox controllers to Xbox is quite easy. You have got two options to connect the Xbox controller to the console. For the wireless connection, you can use the console’s pair button. For the wired connection, you can use a USB cable or a USB-C cable. Once you have connected the Xbox controller, do not forget to check the firmware updates on your controller as per the steps:

·         To open the guide, press the Xbox button.

·         Go to profile and system, and press setting.

·         Under the option of devices and connections, select accessories.

·         On the screen of the Xbox controller select “…” for checking the version of the firmware.



Cheap wired / Bluetooth Xbox controllers

Xbox controllers are available at cheap prices. If you want to use Bluetooth or a wired connection, you can easily use that, but you need to keep in mind that the original Xbox controller does not have Bluetooth connectivity, and it only relies on the Xbox wireless communication standard.  You can buy an Xbox controller at a cheap price, during sale season or special discount offers, you can have an Xbox controller at a cheap price.