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Konami created and published the collectible card game Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. The story of Yu-Gi-Oh! and all of its anime and spinoff adaptations revolves around the imaginary card game of Duel Monsters, which manga creator Kazuki Takahashi developed.

Types of YU-GI-OH cards

YU-GI-OH cards rarity game has three main card types: monsters, spells, and traps. Cards with monsters on them are used in attacks and defenses against opponents, typically to do damage to their health. Played from the hand or set for later use, spells can have a wide variety of effects, including weakening or strengthening monsters, drawing more cards, and clearing the field of an opponent's cards. Trap cards are placed on the field before an opponent's turn and become active after certain circumstances are met, such as when an opponent attacks a player's monster.

YU-GI-OH - how to play (guide)

Those who play Yu-Gi-Oh! The rules of TCG need a strict turn-based structure. Each player in a duel begins with a hand of five cards drawn from a shuffled deck. An individual turn is described below.

Draw Phase: Every turn begins with a card draw. This doesn't happen only on the first turn of the person who goes first.

Standby Phase: At this point, certain cards' effects become active, as specified by their texts.

Main Phase 1: Your focus should be on non-combat activities at this stage. The standard summons/set of one monster, special summons, activating/setting spells and traps, and switching the fighting positions of your monsters, including flip-summoning facedown defenders into the face-up attack posture, are all examples of such actions.

Battle Phase: Here's where all the action is. Once per round, each monster in attack position may launch an attack. Your Atk value is compared to either the target's Def or Atk value, whichever is higher, during an assault. There are several possible outcomes in a battle.

Main Phase 2: The same as the first Main Phase, except now you are getting ready for your opponent's turn.

End Phase: At this point, certain cards' effects become active, as specified in their respective card texts. If your hand size is more significant than six cards, you must drop to six by discarding the excess.

Are YU-GI-OH cards valuable

The collection of YU-GI-OH cards is valuable. About 0.16 cents can be earned from the average Yu-Gi-Oh card (EUR). Commons, Super Rares, Ultra Rares, and Secret Rares make up the bulk of a new Yu-Gi-Oh card booster box, which can hold anywhere from 60 to 100 cards. It is typical for cards with a higher rarity, such as rares, to be worth more than lower rarity cards, like commons.

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