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In most cases, the results of events are decided with the help of Dice and accessories. The results of games are typically determined by either a total on one or more dice that is higher or lower than a predetermined number or by a certain number of rolls on one or more dice that are higher than a predetermined number.

How to choose the best dice?

It would help if you thought about what features are most essential to you before purchasing a set of dice for your tabletop RPG adventures. It's unlikely that your pals will recommend the same game of dice as you do. Some people would rather have a gorgeous set of dice than a set with a high percentage of accurate rolls until they start getting a string of unlucky rolls. On the other hand, some care only that the dice are accurate and fair, regardless of how cool they seem.

Types of accessories to choose

Type 1: Pearl Rebel

The pearl Rebel dice are manufactured in the same manner as the matte Rebel dice, except that shiny dust is sprinkled into the material of a uniform color. This causes the material to take on intricate, whimsical patterns when mixed. In the same way, dice with two different colors are never identical, dice with a pearl effect are never identical to one another. The difference, however, is that the pearl effect is not as apparent as the mixing of two colors. The pearl Rebel dice are reasonably priced despite their high level of craftsmanship.

Type 2: seven two-color dice from Rebel

A character-specific set of seven dice with two different colors, crafted by Rebel. Because they require accurate mixing of two materials with various degrees of color, they are one of the most challenging dice to manufacture. During the process, anything might go wrong. A given production batch can have an inadequate coloration if the dye and the two ingredients are mixed in an incorrect proportion. It poses the same risk whether you do it too quickly or too slowly to mix them. Two-color dice do not emerge in identical patterns. Each piece, each set, is unique.

Buy Dices online

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