Arozzi Sfera Pro Microphone - Black
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Optimal USB Streaming Microphone

The Sfera Pro is designed to be easy to use yet with high-quality condenser capsules so the audio is crisp & clear. It tailored to be the optimal streaming microphone with a variety of pickup patterns so the recording can be adjusted according to your personal environment. It is the ideal microphone from anything from gaming, online calls, & podcasts.


  • Plug & Play easy to use
  • Boom arm attachable
  • Volume dial control
  • Pick-up patterns Cardioid, -10dB Cardioid, and Omnidirectional
  • Headphone jack
  • Mute button

Heavy Base

The Sfera has a strong & heavy base to keep it stable where ever you place it. The cast metal is 0.8kg (1.8 lbs) with a coated rubber bottom to ensure its placement on your desk.


Pick-up Pattern: Cardioid

The Cardioid pick-up pattern is ideal for individual use, picking up the audio from the front of the microphone and not the back. This enhances the recorded audio by excluding any irrelevant noises behind the microphone.


Cable Management

If you have a full streaming setup, cables can run everywhere if unorganized. The Sfera has a cable management clip attached so the cable stays tightly connected to the microphone’s stand.


Boom Arm Mount

No room on your desk for the Sfera? Attach it to a boom arm with the 5/8-inch thread mount so you can have more room on your desk.


Mute Function

Need to quickly mute your microphone? Simply press the Mute Button to immediately mute the microphone so you don’t have to fumble in your audio settings.

WARRANTY Individuals 24 months / Companies 12 months
Color Black
Connection USB
Length of cable 180 cm
Weight 360 g
Microphone sensivity - 44 ± 3 dBmW

Neblogas mikrofonas, tik įsirašius garsui yra pašalinis garsas. Nežinau ar jis atsiranda dėl mano kompiuterio ar kažkas su lizdais ar dėl to, kad yra kažkoks brokas. Kiek domėjausi tai man taip ne vienam. Bet kadangi garsą vistiek apdoroju su redagavimo programomis, tai tą pašalinį garsą išėjo pašalinti iš įrašo. :)

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