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Pac Man and Ghosts Light 20cm

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Pac-Man icons light normal mode  

Normal Mode

Enjoy a colorful display on normal mode as Blinky, Clyde, Inky, and Pac-Man remain lit. The classic icons will brighten your space with a steady and constant light.

Pac-Man icons light color phasing mode 

Color Phasing Mode

For ambiance, the color phasing mode will make the characters slowly light up and phase through one by one. You’ll have your own light show as the icons gradually brighten and fade.

Pac-Man icons light party mode 

Party Mode

Turn up your music on party mode to see the icons flash in time with your beat. There’s no need to plug the light into your phone or stereo, the sound reactive light will automatically respond to music.

pac man icons light next to trail of white dots

Manufacturer Paladone
Category Gaming
Subcategory PAC-MAN

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