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PlayStation Portal Remote-Player

Sony Interactive Entertainment
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PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player key features

PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player gives you access to the games on your PS5 over your home Wi-Fi, letting you jump right into gaming without needing to play on a TV.

Play your game collection

PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player can play compatible games you have installed on your PS5 console, including your favorite games for PS5 and PS4.

Experience breathtaking immersion with DualSense® wireless controller features

Feel the immersive power of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in supported games4. Responsive vibrations react to your in‑game choices and simulate environmental factors. Dynamic resistance mimics the tension of interactions with in‑game gear and objects in select PS5 games.

Beautiful 8” LCD screen

Take in every exquisite detail of your favorite games as they come alive on a brightly lit and gorgeous full HD screen.

60fps capable at 1080p resolution

PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player can deliver silky-smooth gameplay at up to 60fps with high image clarity on its 1080p resolution screen.

Get gaming fast

PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player is a purpose-built device dedicated to delivering an incredible remote play experience. That means you can turn it on, press a button to connect to your PS5 console and get right to playing with remarkable speed.

No TV needed to play and no living room required.

Since PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player lets you stream games over your home Wi-Fi1, you can play your PS5 console even when someone else is using the TV it’s connected to.

Simply turn on PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player and you’re good to go. With PlayStation Portal™ Remote Player on your home Wi-Fi connection, you have more flexibility to play in any room where you live1 with no TV required. Would you like to keep playing while you’re in the kitchen eating breakfast? Go for it!

Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment
WARRANTY Individuals 24 months / Companies 12 months
Release date 2023
Recommended for Gamers
Screen 8” LCD screen (60fps capable at 1080p resolution)
Haroldas A

Labai patogus ir smagus , siuntimas labai greitas jau sekančia diena gavau :)

Oskaras K

Rekomenduoju, turint gera interneta, galima zaisti bet kur su juo ps5 zaidimus :)

Andrey F

Not sure why internet reviews are generally negative. Fair price, and works like magic, now you can play your PS5 on the bed or elsewhere. Happy with the purchase and it's better than expected.

Oskaras K

Ekranas super gerai atrodo, gan didelis, rankose laikyti labai patogu, dualsense funkcijos super veikia. Turint gera interneta veikia idealiai :)

Vitalijus Arunas M

Labai gerai kai negali naudotis TV, tuomet pereini ant Playstation portal.

Arnas A

Užskaitau! Labai solidžiai laikosi rankose, lengva naudoti. Performance labai geras, turint gerą internetą. Svarbiausia palikti PS5 Rest Mode režime ir viskas - visa kita kontroliuojama Portalu.

Vieninteliai minusai, kurie gali užkliūti - nėra bluetooth, ko pasekoje reikia AUX laido ausinėms arba PS Link serijos ausinių, kurios bus išleistos vėliau. Kitas minusas - remote play neleidžia leisti Spotify, Netflix, Youtube ar kitų medijų, tad jeigu mėgstat lošti su muzika fone - su šiuo priedu nepavyks :)
Na ir, be abejo, jeigu turit diskinius žaidimus, tai kaip įprasta reiks pakeisti diską konsolėje, norint jį paleisti Portale :)

O šiaip labai geras ir patogus dalykas, kuomet nori sulošti įsitaisęs, kol šeima naudojasi tv 🔥

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