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Life is Strange 2

Square Enix
Life is Strange 2

Life is Strange 2 Life is Strange 2 Life is Strange 2 Life is Strange 2 Life is Strange 2 Life is Strange 2 Life is Strange 2 Life is Strange 2 Life is Strange 2


Life is Strange: Before the Storm features Chloe Price, a 16 year-old rebel who forms an unlikely friendship with Rachel Amber, a beautiful and popular girl destined for success. When Rachel’s world is turned upside down by a family secret, it takes their newfound alliance to give each other the strength to overcome their demons.

Limited Edition includes
  • The Complete Season (Episodes 1 to 3)
  • Exclusive artbook featuring art from Life is Strange: Before the Storm
  • The original soundtrack on CD
  • Bonus Episode: ‘Farewell’ - play one last time as a young Max Caulfield in a special bonus episode...*
  • Mixtape Mode – Design your own playlist from the Life is Strange licensed soundtrack and listen to it alongside a cinematic scene from the game.*
  • Outfit pack – Change up Chloe's look with three new complete outfits. Includes Punk Doe, Hawt Dawg Man & Illuminati outfits.*
  • Episode 1 from the first Life is Strange season.*

*Digital content

Arturas S

as ,kaip tik savizoliacijoj buvau pristate efektyviai ir turejau ka veikt .Dekui jums

Dovydas R

Zaidimas puikus! Laukiam trecios dalies

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Console 12
Genre Horror
Region World Wide
Game Languages English
PEGI rating 18 years old and above
Release date 2019
Singleplayer Yes
Multiplayer No
Format Physical copy (Compact disc)
IMPORTANT: The game pack may be in Polish / Spanish / German or other languages, but the game will always be in English.