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Micro Machines: World Series

Micro Machines: World Series

Micro Machines: World Series Micro Machines: World Series Micro Machines: World Series


Designed around fun gameplay at every turn, Micro Machines World Series is the ultimate pick up and play experience for players of all ages and abilities, offering intuitive, easy to learn controls that make the controller impossible to put down. Step ahead to new levels of multiplayer mayhem and play with your friends on the same sofa or across the world.

The Legend is back!

  • All new graphics and stunning HD visuals.
  • 12 different vehicles with their own weapons and abilities.
  • Massive range of customization options.
  • Brand new Battle Arenas for mass destruction against friends or AI.
  • Multiplayer Modes including Team play, “Capture the Flag” and “King of the Hill”.
  • Up to 12 players online and four players on the same screen.

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Console 12
Genre Racing
Region Europa (Pal/2 region)
Game Languages English
PEGI rating 7 years old and above
Release date 2018
Singleplayer Yes
Multiplayer Yes
Local Multi-Player Yra
Local Co-Op (Splitscreen) 1-4 players
Format Physical copy (Compact disc)
IMPORTANT: The game pack may be in Polish / Spanish / German or other languages, but the game will always be in English.