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Modecom MC-CF15 Laptop cooling pad

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Latest Laptop Cooling Stand MODECOM MC-SILENT FAN CF15 characterized by ergonomic and modern design provides a comfortable work with your notebook up to 17 ".
Stand MODECOM MC-CF15 is characterized by the number of wind turbines (up to 5 fans - they work simultaneously), which effectively provide a low temperature of the laptop. Additionally, thanks to modern design stand will provide each user with a laptop computer to work comfortably and exceptional lightness makes it easy to transport.

Apart from the fantastic design stand MODECOM MC-CF15 provides absolute silence thanks to the 140 mm fan installed as technology SILENT FAN. This is very quiet and efficient fan to prevent overheating of the laptop its work is assisted by four mounted fans with a diameter of 70 mm.

It is complemented by eye-catching blue LED backlight.

Stand MODECOM SILENT FAN MC-CF15 is very solid. It was made of high quality plastic. Its upper part is made in the technology of a unique surface that provides excellent heat dissipation emitted by a hot laptop. The stand has been designed in view of highest user comfort. In this model used a range of technological solutions that make work with your laptop is a pleasure. Particularly noteworthy are two folding feet that let you change the level of the angle of the table. On the other hand, placed on one side of the dual-port USB (USB HUB), allows the comfortable connection to the laptop, without blocking the USB port.
 In addition, to increase the stability of the support in the bottom part thereof they have been placed, four anti-slip rubber pad. Very light weight and compact design, make MODECOM SILENT FAN MC-CF15 is the product of a very convenient transportation.

Manufacturer Modecom
Color Black
Backlight Yes
Dimensions 390 x 290 x 25mm
Number of backlight colours 16,8 M
Length of cable 60cm
Weight 700gr

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