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Modecom MC-CF18 RGB Laptop cooling pad

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The new model of the MODECOM MC-CF18 RGB cooling pad is equipped with two large fans with a diameter of 115 mm. It is one of the most effective solutions in cooling stands offered for gaming laptops. MC-CF18 is designed for laptops with new designs up to 18 inches. The LCD display will allow you to easily select the desired cooling mode, starting with the quietest option and ending with the most efficient. Thanks to the modern shape in combination with RGB LEDs, the stand will perfectly fit into most gaming ecosystems.

In addition to the fantastic design, the MODECOM MC-CF18 pad is characterized by quiet operation, thanks to the installed only two 115 mm fans in the SILENT FAN technology. 6 fan modes allow you to choose the right speed.

Impressive RGB LED backlight - up to 10 operating modes.

The control panel equipped with an LCD display enables the fan speed to be controlled. You can also turn them off from the panel. The last button is used to change the RGB backlight operating mode.

Metal surface stiffens the structure and guarantees a stable and even position of the laptop.

The MODECOM SILENT FAN MC-CF18 RGB pad is very solid. It was made of high-quality materials. Its upper part is made of thick metal, which stiffens the structure and guarantees a stable and even position of the laptop. The stand has been designed with the highest comfort of use in mind.

This model uses several technological solutions that make working with a laptop a pure pleasure. Two folding legs deserve special attention, as they allow you to change the level of the pad's inclination angle in a very wide range. In turn, the double USB port (USB HUB) located on one of the sides, allows for a comfortable connection to a laptop, without having to block the USB port.

Additionally, in order to increase the stability of the pad, four non-slip rubber pads have been placed on its underside. The upper part also has rubber non-slip pads for maximum protection of the laptop against slipping. Great design, including RGB backlight and efficiency, make MODECOM SILENT FAN MC-CF18 RGB perfectly fit into most gaming ecosystems.

Manufacturer Modecom
WARRANTY Individuals 24 months / Companies 12 months
Color Black
Backlight Yes, RGB
Dimensions 410*280*34mm
Power Supply USB1.1*2
Number of backlight colours 16,8 M
Length of cable 60cm
Weight 750gr
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